LeMondial Academy is an On-Line English Course Institute, supported by Knowledge Transmission from Cambridge - England, in collaboration with Oxford University, Cambridge University and Collins.

LeMondial Academy is managed under the management of Saint Mary International Foundation. It’s Course objective is to meet the needs of the Indonesian community, especially young generation and young professionals who are keen to develop their ability in English. This program is customized as a low-cost fast-track program to develop and improve Indonesian youth English language skills, the languages that can help the improvement of Indonesian young generation’s competitiveness in the Era of ASEAN Economic Community and Globalization.

LeMondial Academy is supported by a number of experienced Mentors, Lecturers and Teachers who are always ready to assist the students of the course. LeMondial Academy also collaborates with various institutions, Professionals and Expatriates to improve students' English skills, and provides additional knowledge to students in the form of Soft Skills mastery, character building and Professional Attitudes.

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